Interior design of apartments and cottages

Professional development of interior design is a complex of techniques and methods, the main task of which is the creation of the functional, technological and exclusive interior. Through the application of modern finishing materials and the latest zoning techniques today it is easy to not only emphasize an excellent taste of the apartment owner, but also visually reduce or increase the space. In modern cottages of Kazakhstan, Russia, as well as EU countries, it is not rare to see successful colour combinations, finishing materials and furniture that together create ‘proper’ and very personal interior.

The optimal choice of the interior design shall be made, depending on the area and design features of the space. In case if it is the decoration of a small apartment, then the optimal choice will be pastel colours and functional zoning. For the design of large cottages, you can play with the variation of finishing materials and comfort zones. Equally important for creating the perfect interior is the exact compliance with the previously chosen style.

The following styles interior decoration of apartments and cottages are distinguished:

  • Classical interior;
    The development of interior design for apartments in the classical style includes the use of pastel colours, bronze and gold-plated decorations, as well as mahogany furniture. As the finishing materials for the decoration of the classical interior, Venetian plaster and gold-plating techniques of walls are often chosen. Classical interior is recommended for the rooms with the regular geometry of forms and symmetrical details.
  • Interior in Loft style;The design of cottages and apartments in Loft style – is a modern choice for creative personalities. This interior is characterized by the absence of classical decors, partition walls and separate living quarters. Space, a successful combination of metal and wood, graffiti and modern novelties of IT technology is a bright
    example of interior design in LOFT style. In addition, LOFT style allows effectively combining different architectural solutions. It can be an avant-garde combination of brickwork, uncovered ventilation systems and modern metallic or plastic furniture.
  • Interior in High-Tech style;
    High-Tech style is one of the most popular solutions for modern apartments. Due to its high functionality, minimalism and convenience in use, High-Tech style is the best choice for modern and ambitious personalities. This style is characterized by a combination of bright colours, glass, metal and novelties in IT technology.
  • Interior in Art Deco style;
    Interior solution in Art Deco style – is a harmonious combination of traditional classics and modern trends in the field of architecture and design. A special feature of Art Deco style design is a possibility to create a spectacular and at the same time very modern interior. It can be either a combination of decorative materials and fabrics in the style of modern classics or a glamorous use of designer furniture, bronze or glass decors in the interior..
  • Eco style;
    Interior in Eco style – simple lines and forms, the purity of finishing materials and high functionality in the apartment or cottage interior.A special feature of Eco style is the use of exclusively natural materials and modern furniture. High quality wood, ceramic tiles, stone and glass décor, forging and comfortable furniture in High-Tech style are the main elements of Eco style.
  • Modern style and interior.
    The interior in modern style is a universal choice for apartments and cottages. Due to the possibility to eye-catchingly combine the trendiness and classics in one interior, modern designer decoration of apartments still remains at a premium. Apartments design in modern style is characterized not only by its designability and conveniency, but also by its uniqueness. Bright combination of such styles as High-Tech, Modern, Kitsch and Minimalism allows creating a real masterpiece of modern architecture.

The main task of developing each interior design project is to achieve the optimal combination of space, composition, proportion and colour. The result of the correct interaction of the design components is the exclusive, functional and comfortable interior of the chosen style.

In order for the apartment or private house design development to meet the most optimistic expectations, its creation shall be trusted only to experienced experts. You can find a team of the best professionals in Renovatio Luxury company with representative offices in Astana, Kyiv and Moscow.

Order professional design development for apartments and cottages in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the USA

Renovatio Luxury company is a qualitatively new solution for creating exclusive interiors of any complexity. Due to our long-term experience and use of the state-of-the-art techniques and interior design approaches, we managed to implement a number of design projects for cottages and apartments in Astana, Moscow, Kyiv.

The main advantages of interior design development from Renovatio Luxury are:

  • Team of experienced designers;
  • Wide choice of styles and design solutions for decoration of apartments and cottages;
  • Use of original and environmentally friendly materials;
  • Own production line of furniture for interiors;
  • Individual approach to each Customer;
  • Timely processing of design project of any complexity;
  • Affordable prices and Loyalty Systems for our Customers.

Development of interior design from Renovatio Luxury team includes:

  1. Development of the technical specification with measurements and photo fixation of the project;
  2. Development of planning concepts;
  3. Creation of the design project;
  4. Development of visualization of the interior;
  5. Development of working documentation drawings;
  6. Calculation of cost estimates of the interior work;
  7. Integrated implementation of the interior design under the supervision of our specialists.

You can order the development of interior design for an apartment or a cottage at any time convenient for you. To do that, you need only to contact the managers of Renovatio Luxury or confirm the request for interior design on our website. Renovatio Luxury representative offices for creating unique interiors in Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Qatar, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Israel and UAE are already open today.

Renovatio Luxury company is the professional creation of exclusive interiors in Kazakhstan, USA, UAE, Russia and Ukraine with quality assurance.