Project Description

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Neoclassical style apartment unites all the benefits of new classics into the unified design project.

The apartment’s living-room was performed in pastel colour palette, which is perfectly combined with designer’s stucco works on the ceiling and built-in interior objects with pillar decorations. Magnificent combination of the sofa set in deep blue and pastel silver curtains emphasize the originality of interior solution. The king-like comfort and presentability of the suite are achieved due to marble fireplace and big mirror with gold-plated incrustation.

The peculiar feature of this design project is bright combination of new designer’s solutions and classical interior decoration techniques. The built-in minibar in the Classical style living-room is not only a practical interior object, but also a distinctive decoration. A kitchen of the Neoclassical style apartment is about practicality, simplicity and comfort. The designer’s kitchen set with stucco works and gold plating allowed highlighting all the beauty of the Neoclassicism in the interior.

The designer’s project applies the modern zoning techniques, as well as methods of space changing. As a result, the mirror sliding door wardrobe with geometric decorations is not only an eye-catching decoration of the entrance hall, but also a modern tool for the room’s visual extension. In order to make practical use of each square meter of the apartment, the glassed-in balcony was turned into a homely recreation zone with stucco bas-reliefs. The bedroom, as well as other rooms, was performed in pastel colour palette in concordance with traditional new classics’ decoration techniques.

The Neoclassical interior design was elaborated for the apartment with the total area of 300 sq.m with an emphasis on luxurious hall and modern zoning techniques. As a result, children’s rooms, bedroom, living room, dining zone and kitchen perfectly complement each other and demonstrate excellent taste of the elite suite’s Owner.