Project Description


Modern Classical style apartment is an enchanting spectacle of functional zoning, luxury and peculiar comfort. The stucco works, gold plating, decorations, made of crystal glass and marble enabled emphasizing all the benefits of classics in the interior.

The primary objective of this project was correct and practical engagement of each square meter with simultaneous demonstration of the suite’s spaciousness. Therefore, the Classical style apartment interior includes decoration doors, lighted bas-reliefs, as well as built-in interior objects.

The peculiar feature of interior classics of this apartment is designer’s decoration of each door what spectacularly highlights the integral interior composition of the suite. All the rooms in the apartment were performed in the caramel colour palette with an accent on the marble floor, comfortable sofa set and Classical style decorations. The project utilized natural home decoration materials, modern zoning techniques, as well as designer’s decorations.

The peculiar feature of this suite is unique stucco works with gold plating, emphasizing an elegance of every room, as well as an excellent taste of the apartment’s Owner.