Project Description

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An interior project in Neoclassical style for a big mansion is an outstanding example of the newest decoration trends and modern designer solutions.

The primary task of this project was development of well-balanced, functional and homely interior solution with an emphasis on the spacious Neoclassical style hall. The natural home decoration materials, the designer’s stucco works, the gold plating and the genuine marble have contributed to emphasizing all the benefits of new classics in interior.

The Neoclassical villa’s living-room was finished in pastel shades, mutually complementing the unique stucco works, a mirror in gold-plated frame and the designer’s furniture. The unique marble fireplace along with modern lighted pillars allowed achieving the optimal zoning and creating the homely atmosphere. Prevalence of noble wine-coloured and pastel shades in each room emphasize consistency of Neoclassical style interior composition. For the purposes of functional use of the entire villa’s area, as well as its decorating, there were special-purpose eco recreation zones developed by the marble staircase.

The Neoclassical style interior design was developed for the villa with the total area of 900 sq.m with account of all the Customer’s demands. As a result, the interior project is not only king-like luxurious and functional, but also matched to the individual preferences to the greatest possible extent.